About me

I'm Jerry Chi, a quadralingual (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) data scientist living in Tokyo.

I like machine learning, generative art/music, and crypto.

I established the Japan branch of Stability AI, a generative AI startup, in January 2023, and I'm leading and building out the team (engineering, community, and business roles). We are building generative image and language models for the Japanese market and Japanese speakers.

I grew up in Silicon Valley (Cupertino) and have lived in Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Helsinki, London, Toronto, and Philadelphia.

Here is a video of me popping while dressed as a Rirakkuma (relaxing bear).

Here are my kids. They are 1/4 Japanese and 1/4 Korean.


Often, I enjoy jumpkicking and biking on rocks.

image image

I wish I had many break-dancing moves but I don't.


In 2021, the Governor of Tokyo randomly tweeted about me. Basically it's an article (in the first issue of the government's Tokyo Updates publication) about how it's awesome to live and work in Tokyo (in English, 日本語).

Anyway, I hope you have a nice day! ♫♫