This page is about non-AI music. Regarding AI-generated music, I'll be adding to the AI art page.)

I'm a fan of many music genres. K-pop, J-pop, EDM, classical, hip-hop, R&B. m-flo, Shiina Ringo, Epik High, IU, Zion.T, Blackpink, LE SSERAFIM, etc.

Here is me rapping / breakdancing on a Korean TV show called "Let's Speak Korean," a game show to help foreigners learn Korean. It was broadcast in over 150 countries. The original song, a massive hit, is "Lollipop" by Big Bang and 2NE1 (original music vid).

Here is me beatboxing poorly at a Google offsite in Taiwan. I got a peer bonus (worth about $150) for doing this.

Here is me playing Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in 2001.

I plan to learn the math / algos behind music production / digital signal processing. Please contact me if you have any advice for how to approach learning this.