Why creativity flourishes in Japan

Posted on 2022-11-07 in art • Tagged with Japan, art, history, sociology, economics

·5 min read

Over the last 2 decades, the creativity I’ve come across in Japan repeatedly induces awe and wonder and tickles my brain. Manga, anime, games, music, movies, shows, ads, architecture, paintings, installations, fashion, funky commercial products… one favorite of mine is art by Takashi Murakami.


(Source: https …

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Trying out AI music generation with Dance Diffusion

Posted on 2022-10-27 in AI music • Tagged with AI music, machine learning, music

·2 min read

In late September the Dance Diffusion music generation model (beta) was released by Harmonai. Harmonai, backed by Stability AI (which also backed Stable Diffusion), is a deep learning research lab focused on creating open-source generative audio models, supporting researchers and developers with compute grants and community, and …

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Positive trends in Japan

Posted on 2022-10-23 in Japan • Tagged with Japan, technology, economics

·4 min read

There’s a neverending onslaught of bad news of negative trends in Japan. Depreciating yen, aging population, ballooning debt, stagnant GDP, lower ranking in digital competitiveness, dwindling fish population, declining music industry, political scandals… it seems everything is worsening.

But the news media tends to give a …

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My 2001 Stanford application essay on algorithmic music

Posted on 2022-09-26 in AI art • Tagged with AI art, machine learning, music

In 2001, when I was in high school, I applied to Stanford University. I was truly excited about the topic of algorithmic music, and I tried hard to express that in my application. In the US, for some colleges, the essay can matter a lot. Perhaps that's one of the …

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How Stable Diffusion (Latent Diffusion) works

Posted on 2022-08-25 in AI art • Tagged with AI art, machine learning

·2 min read

The Stable Diffusion model, just released a few days ago, is all the rage right now, with tons of people generating all sorts of amazing high-quality images, sometimes on par with or even better than OpenAI’s DALL-E 2.

UPDATE 2022–10–07: a new, more beginner-friendly …

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Easy Blog Migration From Medium To Your Own Site Using Python

Posted on 2022-08-17 in web dev • Tagged with web dev, blogging, Python

·3 min read

Recently I migrated my existing articles from Medium to my own new website (https://jerrychi.com) in a quick, low-code way. I wanted to have both blog articles and permanent pages (e.g. “About Me” page) and high customizability while spending minimal effort and money.

You can …

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How Machine Learning May Save Humanity

Posted on 2020-06-12 in machine learning • Tagged with machine learning, futurism, computer science

·4 min read

I think humanity will end eventually (whether it takes hundreds or thousands of years). So what’ll we do when the end is near? We’d want to leave our legacy; in other words, we’d want to save humanity’s knowledge and history as data and …

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The Nature Of Human Intelligence From A Computer Science Perspective

Posted on 2019-10-13 in computer science • Tagged with computer science, human intelligence

9 min read

I’m tremendously curious about the long-term future of artificial intelligence. Understanding human intelligence better may be key to predicting the future of artificial intelligence. Thanks to both old books and recent research, my thinking and predictions have evolved quite a bit in the last few years …

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Guide To Working With Me A Data Science Manager

Posted on 2019-09-26 in Working as a data scientist • Tagged with data science, communication, teamwork

·9 min read

This document is mainly for sharing with my colleagues and anyone I might work with in the future. But hey, I might as well post it on Medium; maybe someone will find it useful.

Below are principles, values, and best practices I tell myself to follow (both …

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How To Be An Awesome Data Science Manager

Posted on 2019-03-21 in Working as a data scientist • Tagged with data science, communication

9 min read

This is a relatively new type of job, and many organizations and people are still in the midst of figuring out what makes a great data science manager.

What does it even mean to be “awesome” in this context? Well, if your team members…

  • …are highly motivated …

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How To Be An Awesome Data Scientist

Posted on 2019-02-16 in Working as a data scientist • Tagged with data science, communication, teamwork

·7 min read

The world is teeming with people who have the “data scientist” title but somehow don’t live up to expectations. This problem might be related to the use of the term “fake data scientist,” although I don’t think we should be snobby about academic qualifications etc …

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Generating Fake K-pop Faces Part 1

Posted on 2019-02-11 in AI art • Tagged with AI art, tutorial, computer vision

·5 min read

This project is for my own personal fun and learning. Hopefully it’ll be fun for some to read about my progress as well.

todo add alt textMy first (poor) attempt to generate faces. Read on to see how I did this.

Planned approach

I expect this project to have …

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My Favorite Mind Blowing ML/AI Breakthroughs

Posted on 2019-02-10 in machine learning • Tagged with machine learning, research, computer vision, unsupervised learning

·7 min read

Compared to other fields, machine learning / artificial intelligence seems to have a much higher frequency of super-interesting developments these days. Things that make you say “wow” or even “what a time to be alive!” (as the creator of Two Minute Papers always says)

Disclaimer: I’m not …

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Thoughts On My Past 2018 And Future 2019

Posted on 2019-01-02 in diary • Tagged with goals, self-improvement

4 min read

Thoughts on my past (2018) and future (2019~)

I finally decided to start posting on Medium, sure took me long enough. My past blog on Blogger is still there (only 5 posts in 10 years.. hmm I guess I’m not very prolific).

todo add alt text Randomly decided to apply …

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