My 2001 Stanford application essay on algorithmic music

Posted on 2022-09-26 in AI art • Tagged with AI art, machine learning, music

In 2001, when I was in high school, I applied to Stanford University. I was truly excited about the topic of algorithmic music, and I tried hard to express that in my application. In the US, for some colleges, the essay can matter a lot. Perhaps that's one of the …

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How Stable Diffusion (Latent Diffusion) works

Posted on 2022-08-25 in AI art • Tagged with AI art, machine learning

·2 min read

The Stable Diffusion model, just released a few days ago, is all the rage right now, with tons of people generating all sorts of amazing high-quality images, sometimes on par with or even better than OpenAI’s DALL-E 2.

UPDATE 2022–10–07: a new, more beginner-friendly …

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Generating Fake K-pop Faces Part 1

Posted on 2019-02-11 in AI art • Tagged with AI art, tutorial, computer vision

·5 min read

This project is for my own personal fun and learning. Hopefully it’ll be fun for some to read about my progress as well.

todo add alt textMy first (poor) attempt to generate faces. Read on to see how I did this.

Planned approach

I expect this project to have …

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